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TOTAL FOCUS NOOTROPIC represents a pinnacle in the focus supplement industry for being the world’s first and only all-in-one, all-natural focus pill that is backed by 20 clinical trials and 3 back-to-back industry awards for its superior ability to provide extreme levels of focus without any proven side-effects. Total Focus is the only focus supplement in the world that combines Zynamite, Purcaf, and Rhodiola in one convenient capsule.
Realizing your true potential is realizing the highest form of yourself. Potential is realized by living the life you truly desire. Seeking your desired life is seeking AZOTH.


Who we are:

AZOTH LLC is a nutraceutical company based out of Boston, MA specializing in commercializing all-natural focus supplements backed heavily by science and delivered in just one convenient capsule. As of 2020, AZOTH is one of the fastest growing consumer supplement brands in the focus supplement space.

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E-mail: Hello@seekingazoth.com 

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