We are baffled (actually shocked) that almost anyone can easily create a new product line, experienced or not. With the increasing popularity of Private Label brands and lack of strict regulations, any Joe or Jane can purchase off the shelf supplement and CBD products, copy an established brands formula, affix a fancy label, litter it with badges and poof there is a new product on the market.


The reality is, nutritional supplements and CBD products exceed billions of dollars a year in revenue. It’s a very competitive market in which millionaires are made quite often. But at what, or more importantly, whose expense? We firmly believe that most brands are honest and guided by strong ethical standards rather than, their potential earnings. We decided to “trust but verify”, because at the end of the day all that truly matters is you and your health.

Hence, the creation of Tru 3rd Certified.

Provide access to affordable independent 3rd party testing & certification of nutritional/dietary supplements and CBD products for us – humans – and our furry companions. Thus, affording consumers confidence in brands going above what is required.


Access to honest, accurate and quality nutritional supplements and CBD products.

Tru 3rd Certified | Dietary & Nutritional Supplement Testing Services



Tru 3rd certified brands are
committed to providing honest,
accurate, high quality supplements and CBD products backed by Tru 3rd testing.

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As the only certifying body that conducts batch-by-batch supplement testing and certification of finished product, we’re excited to become the social proof of quality for our Certified Brands.  Now, consumers can trust the validity of their supplements because we’ve put these brands through the rigors of laboratory testing, with results certified by us, not the brand.

Frequently Asked Question

Certification includes human and pet supplements:  We  also test and certify CBD products for both humans and pet.

It’s simple: People buy from brands they trust. Unfortunately, every year consumer trust in consumable products decline.  Nearly half of the people in the United States and Canada don’t trust brand’s claims on their labels and packaging.  Third party testing and certification affords transparency that your label claims are tested and validated.

A certified product ensures that you are consuming exactly what the product says it is and that the product complies with the minimum standard requirements. The certification demonstrates independent validation and verification of their commitment to quality.

At the end of the day, what matters most in the supplement you or  your pet consume is the finished product.

Tru 3rd Certified Brands understand this necessity and are committed to batch by batch certification of their products. Not just once, but every batch.

Consumers should always be aware of any badge or logo claiming “Third Party Tested” that does not have an independent accrediting or certifying body certifying those results.

It is important to know the difference since supplements are loosely regulated.


A third party certification supports consumer brand trust and is an effective way to offer enhanced transparency of your product. Because certification is provided by an independent party who verifies standards and have no direct financial interest in the relationship between the supplier and the buyer, this reduces the conflict of interest, thereby enhancing the believability of label and product claims made by the brand.

We offer a full range of testing and certifications. Our primary certification is for finished product testing of heavy metals and microbials.  In addition, we offer specialized certifications for prenatal, children, non-gmo, gluten free, pesticide free and purity.  All specialized certification includes testing of heavy metals and microbials.

Time frame varies depending upon the type of testing we are performing. Typically, results should be finalized within 7 to 10 days from receipt of the product.

The benefits really speak for themselves. As a Tru 3rd certified brand:

  • Social Proof
  • Consumer Trust
  • Exclusive access to our Certified Brand page
  • SEO brand optimization
  • Increase revenue
  • Assurance your product(s) meets or exceeds established guidelines
  • Reduced legal exposure/liabilities
  • Affordable testing and certification
  • Access for small & medium brands